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Reverse Design: Super Mario World Version Update

There has been a minor update to the PDF and web versions of Reverse Design: Super Mario World. Also, we have videos up on Youtube now!

I have updated Reverse Design: Super Mario World to its second version. The new version corrects mostly minor typos. The only notable content change is in Donut Plains 3. This level was the first one I ever did a cadence analysis on, and so it had a few flaws. I have updated it to reflect a more accurate cadence. I have checked the other levels in the game, and there do not appear to be any major errors, although I still like to acknowledge that some analysis comes down to judgement calls. This is an analysis of an art form, not a science.

If you have already purchased the book, you can get a new copy free of charge. Simply email a copy of your receipt or receipt number to the webmaster or submissions accounts and I will send you a new link. If you purchased after 9:00 EDT on September 15th, 2015, you do not need the new version.

Also, there are some YouTube videos up! You can now see small introductions to the main ideas of the book. The main video is here. The second video (on evolutions) is here. The third video (on expansions) is here.

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