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This is where we have our forums; there are two forums with different rules.

General Forum

This is for site feedback, talking with game designers, and posting requests. Posts here are a little bit more forgiving in terms of what is permitted in subject matter. Anything on the site, and essentially anything related to videogame design is welcome.

We don't want to see "HAL0 IS BETTER THAN BIOSHOK NOBS OMG!!1!" If you want to talk about how one game is better than another, because of the way it's designed, you're welcome! If you want to talk about the lifestyle preferences of people who like games other than what you like, take it somewhere else; your posts will be deleted.

Naturally, flamewars, inappropriate language and solicitations are not tolerated and will be removed. Fanboyism is permitted as far as it is logical and not like spam.

The Lab

This is where to swap game design ideas with other designers. Content here is a little more strict. If you'd like to put up a game design idea that you can't develop, or you'd like to post a game element that you think someone else's game could use. Or if you want to discuss how some major developer's game could have been better with some game design ideas from yourselves, this is the place.

Other subjects are supposed to go in the general forum, so obviously we'll ask you to move them if you post in the wrong place.

Site questions?

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